Pre-Viz Sizzle

When directing projects I love to test out ideas, pacing and shots before we get to set. This sizzle reel features a few examples of what I tried beforehand and how they translated on screen. Enjoy!

Saving Lives

I was fortunate to work on two recent projects with real life saving connections.

The first, a short documentary sponsored by Target and The IACP about Mark Dallas, a school resource officer who stopped a school shooting. And the second, two videos for the non-profit Avivo that helps people finally make their way through treatment to live better lives.

View from Above

A short film I produced and cut just went live! Directed by my buddy James Rautmann. Really proud of this piece. Check it out below!

I got to write and direct a kick ass piece for the video game Vikings: War of Clans. Super excited to wrap edit on this project and share what we created. Got to scratch a LOTR/GOT like itch for a few days!

Group Pic Edited.jpg

Spooky All Around

I got to write and direct this cool little short for SYFY's 31 Days of Halloween.

And I got to produce this dreadful short for the same series. Directed by my buddy Mark Mazur.

And lastly this short I produced for Mark has finally gone public. Check it out!

Holiday Work Out!

Here are two spots I just directed for the YMCA. Awesome agency, crew and cast. Overall  a lovely experience and my first time shooting anamorphic! ❤️❤️❤️ Enjoy!

3M and a Ghost

Here was a fun little piece I did with the fine folks at Space 150 and 3M!

And here is my latest short film GHOST FIGHT! A lot of incredibly talented people contributed to this project! Take a look below!

Running with the Bulls, a Dog and a Phone Case

I got to collaborate with a killer client and crew on a couple broadcast spots for the phone case company Otterbox. It was whirlwind production in LA that ranged from Skydiving to a child playing phone keep away with a dog...I'm not sure which scenario was tougher. The first spot aired on ESPN during March Madness and the second spot will be released later this year. Enjoy!

Day 3 Wrap Pic

Day 3 Wrap Pic

Work, Work, Work & Sweet Treats

The last month has been a whirlwind of production and I've got a few things to share because of it! First, I was brought on by the fine folks at microgigantic to direct three short documentaries for United Health Group. It was rapid pace production in Pittsburgh, Phoenix and Lacrosse all in the matter of a week and half. I got to work with some pretty great people and even managed to get on the Jumbotron five times, in a single night, at the Pittsburgh Pirates game. Hard to top that for a wrap dinner! As the films have not been released yet, there are a few nondescript still frames below.

MedExpress in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

MedExpress in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Community Health Works in Phoenix, Arizona.

Community Health Works in Phoenix, Arizona.

LHI in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

LHI in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Immediately after coming off that production I was right back in it directing three short films for Memphis Grills. It has been a very fun project to be involved with as each film carries it's own unique style and story. I'm really excited to share them in the next month or so!

Crew wrap photo from Day 3 of 3.

Crew wrap photo from Day 3 of 3.

Post was just completed on my "90's" project. Coming soon to a VHS near you!

And as they say - last but certainly not least - is James Rautmann's short film The Ice Cream Man! I was fortunate to produce the film and be able to help out in every way I could :) Take a look below and Enjoy!

100 Years

New work! Collaborating with Fast Horse and Deluxe Corp this time around. Take a look!

Red Panda & Puppets

Got to collaborate with a bunch of cool folks at mono on these pieces. Making one of my dreams come true - directing a cat video. Never give up, kids!

I directed something ripped right out of the 90's. I'm excited and a little terrified to share this one when it's finished. Props to an awesome crew and Riley Kane for trusting me with his ventriloquist-shaped, puppety idea.


New work! Check it out below:

Got to collab with a killer team on this project and jump out of a plane with a camera, so not a bad gig. A much longer version of Joe's story is in the works. I won't say much other then it gets insane.

Dogs, Hair and More

I wasn't completely sure what to expect when I heard the idea from Phil Jones and James Rautmann, "it's just people acting like dogs at a dog park." But boy am I glad they made it! Amassing over 8 million views on Facebook, a quarter million on Youtube and featured on a variety of TV shows, it's safe to say it was a success. Glad I could contribute in a few ways!

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I got to play in the beauty world for my first time! I had the pleasure of creating a couple Aveda videos for the Japanese market. Look for them soon...if you live in Japan!

And lastly I've been deep in development on a variety of projects. A dramatic series, a couple short films, and some exciting commercials spots. A lot of great ideas in the pot ready to boil over, it's just a matter of what gets made first. Excited to share more when it comes down the pipeline!

Island Win, GET OVER HERE and Background TV's

After months of waiting, I can finally reveal that Josh and I won the 1st Annual Dominica Film Challenge! When we submitted our pitch video we had no idea if we would even make it to the island. Fast forward almost a year later, we are back in the cold but with an amazing experience under our belts. I can't wait to go back.

My latest film for American Express was finally released! I heard it even played before the latest Hunger Games in a Colorado theater. Always exciting to see work make it's way out into the world.

My fitness piece - Winter Can't Slow You Down is complete! I can't wait to share this one in the coming months - TBD. 

When a lot of our favorite cinematographers were booked up, Mark asked me to be shoot a mini-doc for him in Chicago at NetherRealm Studios. NetherRealm is the video game design studio behind Mortal Kombat with their latest release Mortal Kombat X coming out in 2015. It was a really intriguing to see into that world for a week and meet a lot of amazing people behind the game.

And lastly, the one of the most exciting indie filmmakers working today, Jamin Winans, released his latest film - The Frame. I was lucky enough to have a few of my pieces playing on TV screens in the background. Download the film and get ready for a cerebral, multi-faceted film that will draw you in and asking for more the second it ends. 

Check out a couple spoiler free frames with my work below!

Featuring - Firefighter Nation -

Featuring - Firefighter Nation -

Featuring - ClearCause Foundation -

Featuring - ClearCause Foundation -

Back in the Saddle Again

After the wedding dust settled I got booked up on four projects that shot back to back to back in the span of two weeks. Heres a little break down of the madness. 

The first project was with the fine folks at Bolin Marketing, the same team that put on the Dominica Challenge. I was hired to direct 2nd unit on a series of videos for Stratasys in and around the LA area. Stratasys is a 3D printing company that has created and inspired a lot of crazy innovations from medical to special effects. It was a really unique gig and I got to work with some of my favorite collaborators on it. This was my first time directing 2nd unit and although it's not my typical project it was a fun challenge and another great way to pick up a couple new set tricks.


Coming off of this gig I rolled right into my next project - directing/dp'ing a guy running 100 miles in 24 hours. Kelly Nesvold felt compelled to give back in a big way and decided to run from the St. Paul state capital to his hometown of Austin, MN to create awareness of kids in need -  We shot him for close to 30 hours straight and I spent the entire time in the back of the pick-up truck. It was a wild ride with a small crew and I couldn't wait for the nap after the production! 

Next up was my mini-doc about a Skydiver known by the name Jumpin' Joe. It was fun directing two mini-docs back to back, each about a person most people would consider crazy to a certain extent. I'm really excited to share this one.

And lastly I spent some time in Utah at Zion National Park shooting a project. I hiked through "The Narrows" with the family and captured some really beautiful stuff. It made it tough to hike the some 15-20 miles when you want to stop every other step and shoot something.

Selects.00_00_19_00.Still003 copy.jpg

August & The Pee Jug

SUMMER FILM SERIES went 3 for 3 on Vimeo Staff Picks. Woo!

Additionally I was fortunate enough to produce this Spec Ad for James Rautmann. It was A2F's first piece to be featured on Adweek, The Huffington Post and a variety of other sites. Nice work, James!

Update - The spot was pulled from the web. Apparently Honda among a few others didn't enjoy the spot as much as everyone else!

Update - The spot was pulled from the web. Apparently Honda among a few others didn't enjoy the spot as much as everyone else!