Back in the Saddle Again

After the wedding dust settled I got booked up on four projects that shot back to back to back in the span of two weeks. Heres a little break down of the madness. 

The first project was with the fine folks at Bolin Marketing, the same team that put on the Dominica Challenge. I was hired to direct 2nd unit on a series of videos for Stratasys in and around the LA area. Stratasys is a 3D printing company that has created and inspired a lot of crazy innovations from medical to special effects. It was a really unique gig and I got to work with some of my favorite collaborators on it. This was my first time directing 2nd unit and although it's not my typical project it was a fun challenge and another great way to pick up a couple new set tricks.


Coming off of this gig I rolled right into my next project - directing/dp'ing a guy running 100 miles in 24 hours. Kelly Nesvold felt compelled to give back in a big way and decided to run from the St. Paul state capital to his hometown of Austin, MN to create awareness of kids in need -  We shot him for close to 30 hours straight and I spent the entire time in the back of the pick-up truck. It was a wild ride with a small crew and I couldn't wait for the nap after the production! 

Next up was my mini-doc about a Skydiver known by the name Jumpin' Joe. It was fun directing two mini-docs back to back, each about a person most people would consider crazy to a certain extent. I'm really excited to share this one.

And lastly I spent some time in Utah at Zion National Park shooting a project. I hiked through "The Narrows" with the family and captured some really beautiful stuff. It made it tough to hike the some 15-20 miles when you want to stop every other step and shoot something.

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