Current Projects

The first few months of the year can be fairly slow but that hasn't stopped me from going out and trying to create any opportunity I can. Here is a quick breakdown of the project's I'm currently working on!


Firefighter Project

A few years back I shot this amazing footage during a House Burn with frequent collaborator Mark Mazur and never really had the right opportunity to use more then a shot or two for a project. After some time the right idea finally hit and I've been in post with it over the past month and a half. Nick Mihalevich of Cape Status ( has been hard at work on the music and sound design plus we snagged Mark Mazur's deep sexy voice for the VO. It should be ready to launch in March. Can't wait to show it to you all!

Selects - 5K.Still003.jpg

Nike - Winter Won't Slow Us Down

The still above is from some test shooting that Cinematographer, Alex Horner ( and I did about a week or so ago. This project is about the intensity and hardship of running in the winter and there is no better place then Minnesota right now to shoot it. We've still got a few weeks of pre-pro left before we put the shoes to the ice but it's coming together nicely. I have an amazing team on board for this project and I can't wait to spill more about it as we get closer to production!


Pitch Video

Cinematographer, Josh Becker ( and I have been hard at work on wrapping up this pitch video we shot last week for a potential gig on an Island in the Caribbean sea. I don't want to say too much about it right now but it's got a bit of a Casey Nesitat flavor to it and news of the potential expedition should come down the pipeline in the very near future.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 8.41.24 PM.png

American Express - Gilman Floors

And lastly the project that is stuck in the land of post-production. I wrapped up this gig at the tail of 2013 and I'm waiting on the final clearance from legal before it goes live. These things can often take a while so it becomes a bit of a waiting game. We got to tell a pretty cool story about a company that came to the brink of bankruptcy only to be given an olive branch by American Express. A intriguing shoot where I really got to dig into the local culture. I used AirBnB for the first time on this trip and I really recommend it. You get a great opportunity to stay with locals who really instill the history in you and makes the trip feel much more intimate.