Dominica Expedition Pitch

A HUGE part of the directing process is pitching. Pitching ideas, crew, music, locations, gear, the list goes on and on and before you even get to that point you have to pitch for the job.

The Dominica Challenge is a bit unique as anyone in the world can pitch on it. I came across it on social media and I saw it as a great way to expand my portfolio with the type work I'm trying to create moving forward - adventurous, exciting and curious. So I teamed up with cinematographer, Josh Becker to pitch for this project. His tech savviness and eye combined with my storytelling stylings and adventurousness seemed like a perfect pairing. 

It was a really fun video to put together and I think it conveyed Josh and my personalties and passions fairly well. Take a look at it below and see the link to read more about the challenge.