Let the Snow Melt

We wrapped Nike! Super excited to have it in the can, three days of intense shooting allowed us to get what we needed despite a medley of production variables. We had a few last minute cast drop-outs that turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we snagged a better set of talent. The weather decided to start melting after our first day of production so we resorted to shoveling snow onto locations, framing very specifically and moving locations around. All in all it worked out well and we were able to shoot nearly everything without compromise. I'm a stern believer that the harder the shoot gets the better the final film will end up. That pressure really puts your creativity to the test. Check out a couple of ungraded stills from our last day below.

Now I need to finish packing for Dominica. I fly out tomorrow morning...I'll try and get up stills as we move across the island.