Edgar & Cary

There are two things I watched recently that both resonate strongly with me as a filmmaker. 

The first is a deconstruction of a few scenes directed by Edgar Wright. Edgar is easily one of my top 5 directors and this piece by Tony Zhou really gives some strong insight into the strength of his craft. Watch it below and see why framing can mean so much more then a cool angle. 

The second is the HBO show True Detective, with all 8 episodes directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. Most TV shows have a director do one or two episodes during the entire season which makes Cary's directing of all 8 crazy impressive. He essentially directed an 8 hour film during the production span of a TV show which means two things, he is a great leader and he gives away a lot of control to his crew. I don't know how someone could create something so strong without incredible collaborators. Watch the show and try and not walk away inspired.